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Three Reasons for Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

When it comes to buying diamond jewellery, online shopping may be the answer. Compared to traditional way of buying jewellery at a brick and mortar store where a sales rep gives you the information mainly to generate a sale, online shopping gives you full flexibility of shopping at your own pace while being fully educated. You

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Bracelets Guide: Timeless Ornaments that Adorn Your Wrist and Hands.

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

There are adornments for almost every body part – rings for fingers, earrings for ears, necklaces and pendants for the neck. And then there is jewelry for the hands, the wrists – bangles and bracelets. While bangles are more or less the exclusive domain of women, bracelets are more universal and unisex in nature. Bracelets

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Pendants Guide: Timeless Beauties that Adorn Your Neck.

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

Of all the jewelry in the world, the beauty and allure of a perfectly designed and crafted pendant, swinging around the beautiful neck of a lady is the stuff poetry is made of. Pendants find their origins among the very earliest of jewelry, right alongside rings and earrings. They are also the precursors to necklaces

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Earrings Setting Guide: The Rings that Adorn the Ears

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

The name “Earring” came into existence as a combination of the body part where it is worn and the original jewelry item that it was derived from – the ring. The ancient earrings were actually large sized thin rings with open ends. Interesting Trivia: The church officially banned piercing of ears and wearing earrings in

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Rings Setting Guide: The Settings that Carry the Stones – Part II

Viranigems - Diamond jewellery Online

Category: Jewelry Settings   In my last blog, Rings Setting Guide: The Settings that Carry the Stones, I talked aboutProng Setting, Tension Setting, Bezel Setting,Channel Setting,Halo Setting.In this blog, I will go over a few more intricate and exceptional jewelry setting types. Pave Setting: To achieve the paved look, tiny incisions are made in the metal

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