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Pendants Guide: Timeless Beauties that Adorn Your Neck.

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Of all the jewelry in the world, the beauty and allure of a perfectly designed and crafted pendant, swinging around the beautiful neck of a lady is the stuff poetry is made of. Pendants find their origins among the very earliest of jewelry, right alongside rings and earrings. They are also the precursors to necklaces and other types of neck jewelry. While they have been around for ages, the nomenclature – pendant – came into existence relatively recently. The Latin word meaning is where This beautiful ornament finds its name from the Latin word “pendere” which means “to hang down”.

The popularity of pendants is because of their flexibility to match any ensemble and occasion. Additionally, they come in many shapes and sizes, from extra light and affordable to ultra-heavy and extremely expensive. Furthermore, there is a whole range of pendants that come with matching earrings, and in many cases, matching rings as well. In other words, a full “Pendant Set” is the complete jewelry package!
Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online
Hard Fact: While most pendants are worn on chains, there are also necklace-pendants that are parts of intricate necklaces. These pendants are as elaborate as the necklace they are part of, yet they stand apart from the necklace as they hang below the main body of the necklace.

Even among pendants, there are many different styles. And depending on your mood, choice and pocket depth, you can select any of the following types.

  1. Casual Pendants: Worn around the neck on a simple chain, light casual pendants are the most popular and widely sold of all pendants. Plain metal or studded with diamonds and colored stones, casual pendants come in all shapes, but are usually small to medium in size. Owning them is not too costly either.
  1. Pearl Pendants: These pendants can be something as simple as a single large pearl suspended below a metal cap, or as elaborate as a vibrant array of various sized pearls in metal. Either way, pearl pendants are considered the epitome of style and beauty. They mix with most ensembles, be it a chic party or a formal work place.
  1. Initials / Name Pendants: Initials and name pendants can be quite romantic when gifted by one partner to the other. Many couples love wearing pendants with each other’s initials. Simple metal alphabets, or studded with diamonds make excellent choices for every day wear pendants.

Viranigems - Diamond jewellery Online

  1. Gemstone Pendants: These pendants are quite popular in India and many other countries around the globe, where people follow moon signs instead of sun signs as gem stones carry astrological connections. Of course, these pendants also look very stylish when worn as a fashion statement. A large gemstone set in the center surrounded by beautiful, sparkling diamonds makes for an eye-catching pendant.
  1. Religious or Ethnic Pendants: Many cultures and religions around the world have been expressing their faith though artistic pendants. These pendants are often believed to carry the blessings of God. The most common religious pendants are “Cross” pendants.

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