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Different Types of Jewelry: From the Bizarre to the Exotic

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From the beginning of time, jewelry has been a visible and vibrant part of almost every single human civilization across the globe. In fact, humans started wearing jewelry way before they started wearing clothes. From then until now, jewelry has been around in almost every culture, every country, and possibly, every religion. Although there have been many changes and transformations in the type, style, design and manner in which jewelry is worn, the overall presence of jewelry across time and civilizations remains timeless.

Over the millennia, the transformations in the styles of jewelry have given a rise to an unbelievably wide range of ornaments being available today. Almost every style or concept that has ever come into existence is still around in some form or another.

Interesting Trivia: Amongst the most bizarre jewelry worn anywhere are the neck and body rings worn by certain tribes in Asia and Africa. Of particular mention is the neck rings – coiled metal is looped around the neck to create an impression that the neck is elongated. The coils are in circles of decreasing circumference from the collar bone to just below the chin.

Ancient Jewelry

The earliest jewelry did not have any metal in it. Trinkets, rings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets – were all made from tree vines, bark rope, stones, shells and the like. This traditional style still continues today in the form of fashion and beach jewelry.

Antique or Vintage Jewelry

The kind of jewelry that was in vogue a few centuries back. Made of gold, silver, and a plethora of other metals, antique jewelry is often studded with precious or semi-precious stones. It is big and catchy in style. Vintage jewelry is quite in demand in almost every major jewelry destination of the world even today.

Tribal Jewelry

These are the really bizarre pieces invented and worn by aboriginal tribesmen and women from around the world. These jewelry items include multiple neck rings, huge earrings, nose rings, and jewelry for the hair. Certain tribes even have multiple body piercings and jewelry worn through those piercings.

Modern Jewelry

Sharp corners, geometric designs, heavy filigree, exotic, non-traditional sizes – these are all hallmarks of this newest style of jewelry. Made mainly in white and rose gold or in non-precious metals, modern jewelry items such as Bangles, bracelets, ear pieces and necklaces are largely designer jewelry pieces created to match modern dressing trends and lifestyles.

Wedding or Bridal Jewelry

A unique fusion style, bridal jewelry is largely a combination of gold, diamond, precious stones and enamel. The designs and styles vary from normal plain gold pieces, to exotic diamond studded designer creations. The price too varies from a few thousand to perhaps a few million, depending on the choice of the bride and the depths of the buyer’s pockets. Most bridal jewelry items are studded with rubies, sapphires, emeralds or the forever in vogue diamonds.

Hard Fact: Out of many different metals and metal alloys used in the manufacturing of jewelry, Gold is most widely used and in demand. Silver, platinum, brass, copper and a few other metals are also used for jewelry items, however, none match the demand for gold.

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