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Layman’s Guide to Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

Understanding the 4C’s of a diamond can help you find the best value diamond for your budget especially when you decide to buy your precious diamond jewellery online. This quick guide will enable you to make a well-educated choice.

The Colour
To untrained eyes, the colour of a diamond may not be too visible, especially in the colourless and near-colourless range, as the colour difference in this range is very subtle. However, the price goes up exponentially as the colour of a diamond goes from near colourless to colourless range. The GIA colour grading scale goes from D to Z. A diamond classified as a D is rare, expensive and colourless. Diamonds in the D-F or colourless range have almost no other impurity elements other than carbon atoms. An engagement ring made with a D colour diamond sparkles the brightest compared to other colours. As the scale goes farther towards the Z classification the rarity of the individual stone decreases and so does its price. When purchasing any solitaire diamonds or diamond jewellery online, fully understanding the colour grading system is critical.

The Clarity
Clarity is the second ‘C’ that determines the value of a diamond. The clarity of a diamond is graded based on the flaws or imperfections present inside or on the surface of the diamond. A flawless diamond is the most expensive diamond due to its rarity as majority of natural diamonds contain one or another form of impieties introduced during their grown process underneath the surface of the earth. GIA clarity grading system includes FL (Flawless), IF (Internally Flawless), VVS (Very Very Slightly Included), VS (Very Slightly Included) and I (Included). As we move from FL to I, the visibility of the inclusion becomes more and more obvious to the naked eye when seen from the table of a diamond. VS and SI clarity diamonds yield best value for the money.

Diamond jewellery made from VVS diamonds cost significantly high compared to VS or SI. However, to the untrained eye, both the VVS and VS clarity diamonds look almost indistinguishable. One key factor to consider when buying a diamond with SI or I clarity diamond is to make sure that the diamond does not contain a flaw in the centre of the diamond when seen from the table of the diamond. A reputable online jeweller online jeweller will transparently disclose the clarity of the diamond jewellery you purchase.

The Carat Weight
To many customers, Carat Weight is one of the most important factors as it is directly related to the size of the diamond. An interesting fact to note is that the Carat is actually the measure of the weight of a diamond and not its size. Due to their rarity, heavier or higher carat weight diamonds have higher price tags. A skilled diamond cutter can retain higher carat weight in a polished diamond by manipulating cutting parameters of a rough diamond. Therefore, it is important to consider the cut of a diamond when buying a higher carat weight diamonds. In many cases, if a diamond is not cut properly, a smaller but better cut diamond may shine more brilliantly that a bigger but poorly cut diamond.

The Cut
The Cut of a diamond is the only factor that can be influenced by a diamond cutter and polisher. All the other three C’s of a diamonds are pre-determined by Mother Nature. Cutting a diamond is intricate work and must be done precisely to reveal the maximum beauty of the diamond. A ray of light should bounce perfectly from one facet of the stone to the next to form a beautiful array of sparkling light. If a diamond is not cut properly, the light will enter form the table and will leak out form the pavilion causing the diamond to appear dull or greyish.

Online Diamond Shopping
Beautiful diamond jewellery can be purchased online at an excellent price. You simply need to understand the four C’s before making your selection. There are numerous reputable online jewellers that offer incredible designs. You can simply browse or buy amazing diamond rings, pendants or earrings that may take your breath away. There is no better time than right now to gift yourself or your loved ones a timeless piece of diamond jewellery.

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