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Find the Very Best Diamond Shape for Her

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

Buying a perfect engagement ring doesn’t simply depend on the cut, carat, color and clarity of the stone. The personality of the lady on whose finger it will ultimately appear also plays a key role in determining a suitable diamond shape. Some people may be surprised that the shape of a diamond can actually correspond to the personality of the wearer, but why not? If that weren’t true, there wouldn’t be different cuts in the first place.

So, for those wondering what shape of diamond to get for the lady in their life, whether it be for diamond earrings, a diamond ring or diamond pendants, here are some suggestions:

The round cut diamond is for the lady who is classy and traditional. The round brilliant shape is the most popular cut for a diamond and is found on all sorts of diamond jewelry, especially in engagement ring , from the most humble to the most grand. The round brilliant has become one of the most traditional and sought after cuts of all, even though it was only perfected during World War I.

Some jewelers, including those who sell online diamond jewellery, use shape and cut interchangeably. Others use cut when they mean the way the gem cutter actually shapes the stone. In the case of the round brilliant, a cut that’s too shallow or too deep ruins the diamond’s ability to sparkle.

The princess cut is a square cut with sharp corners and is just the thing for the lady who’s playful, cheerful and really a girl at heart. As even a diamond can be chipped, it is best to put this gemstone in a prong setting on an engagement ring to protect those corners.

Though this is a modern cut, having been developed in 1902, it’s for a woman who possesses an old-fashioned femininity. It’s of step cut that has squares steps with cropped corners.

This cut is for an imaginative lady who likes to experiment and embraces the latest in all things, whether it’s art, food or fashion. This is the piece of diamond jewellery that makes a short finger look long and elegant when it’s set on a ring

This sparkling cut is for a positive and energetic woman who likes to flirt, even if she is engaged. This rectangular-shaped diamond has a brilliant cut, which makes it especially fiery on diamond ring

Made for a bold yet charming and somewhat idiosyncratic lady, the pear-shaped diamond has been heralded in song. Pears are great for diamond pendants.

Who else but a tender-hearted romantic would go for a heart-shaped diamond?

This cut was said to be inspired by the lips of the mistress of one of those French Bourbon kings. Accordingly, it is for a woman who’s dramatic, outgoing, yet refined.

For a lady who is fancy and chic yet delicate, cushion cut diamond jewellery is a perfect fit. It looks like its name. It is a square with round corners and is interesting because much of its carat weight is in the bottom part, or the pavilion.

Buying a Perfect Diamond
The very best and costliest diamonds are flawless, truly colorless and expertly cut and polished no matter their final shape. The size of the carat is up to what the wearer wants and the buyer can afford. If a fancy, or colored diamond is bought, the clarity is not as important as the richness of the color. The trend of buying certified diamond jewellery Online has increased tremendously in the past decade.

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    Mustafa C

    April 27, 2017

    Excellent and decent post. I am really surprised with this topic. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

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      April 29, 2017

      Thank you “MUSTAFA C”for interest to read our blog. 🙂