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The Engagement Ring – A Symbol of Love and Commitment

A romantic guy, dressed like a gentleman, goes down on one knee in front of a beautiful woman in a long gown. With his right hand, he takes something out of the inside left pocket of his jacket. As his lady skips a heartbeat in wonder and surprise, he opens the small box and offers her a beautiful gold ring with a sparkling solitaire diamond set on top, and asks her, “Will you marry me, my love?”

Who doesn’t dream of this romantic proposal?

Interesting Trivia: The concept of modern “Engagement Ring”, which has become an expression of love and commitment of marriage worldwide, was born in Europe in the 15th century.

Let’s look at some interesting historical facts about the engagement ring. While rings have been in existence and use for thousands of years (they have been discovered in Egyptian as well as Sumerian tombs), the ancient civilizations never used the rings as expressions or symbols of love. They were mainly used as adornments to be worn to show off status, stature and taste.

So when exactly did the concept of an engagement ring, that sets it apart from any other ring, come into existence? If we trace the roots of the engagement ring back to the third century BC, we can see that Egyptians were known to exchange rings made of gold or silver. They wore them on the ring finger of the left hand which represented marriage and symbolized love as they believed that the vein of that particular finger connected directly with the heart.

The first certified and recorded mention of a man betrothing a woman for marriage goes back to 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a special engagement ring crafted with diamonds to Mary of Burgundy.

The custom of presenting a Daimond engagement ring a highly artistic multi-diamond rings with a solitaire in the centre that caught the fancy of lovers. s an expression of love and commitment became popular from then on, though not all men presented diamond rings to their ladies back in the day in Brazil and later on in South Africa, that Daimond engagement ring became popular. From simple flat rings at the. It was only after abundant supplies of diamonds were found, first outset, design artists soon created

After 1950s, the concept of diamond engagement ring became even more popular worldwide after De Beer’s launched their famous “A Diamond is Forever” marketing campaign.

Hard Fact: Rings are a part of both the engagement and the Wedding. However, the rings in both these symbolic celebrations of love differ. While a Wedding band is usually a plain metal band (gold, silver or platinum), an engagement ring is a more elaborate affair with either a solitaire or a bigger diamond in the centre with smaller stones set around it.

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