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Seven Diamond Vocabulary Words Worth Knowing

It is true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Even the modest diamond jewellery can turn heads. That is because no gemstone is so spectacularly beautiful, nor does any other gem combine such beauty with such hardness. Diamond is rated a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is just about the hardest substance

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Three Reasons for Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

When it comes to buying diamond jewellery, online shopping may be the answer. Compared to traditional way of buying jewellery at a brick and mortar store where a sales rep gives you the information mainly to generate a sale, online shopping gives you full flexibility of shopping at your own pace while being fully educated. You

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Engagement Ring 101 – Getting Engaged Doesn’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

You’re finally doing it. You’ve decided to propose to your one true love. But wait! You don’t know the first thing about engagement rings. Where are the best places to buy diamond jewellery? Should you buy jewellery online? Do you really need a diamond? What if you don’t have a trusted jeweller? Do engagement rings

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Layman’s Guide to Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

Understanding the 4C’s of a diamond can help you find the best value diamond for your budget especially when you decide to buy your precious diamond jewellery online. This quick guide will enable you to make a well-educated choice. The Colour To untrained eyes, the colour of a diamond may not be too visible, especially

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The Unique Beauty of Square-Shaped Diamonds

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

There’s a surprising number of square cuts for a diamond, some more popular than others. Since diamonds are found in octahedrons and dodecahedrons, it’s probably easier for lapidists to cut them in square shapes. Another benefit of a square cut diamond is that less of the rough stone is lost when it’s cut and polished

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Find the Very Best Diamond Shape for Her

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

Buying a perfect engagement ring doesn’t simply depend on the cut, carat, color and clarity of the stone. The personality of the lady on whose finger it will ultimately appear also plays a key role in determining a suitable diamond shape. Some people may be surprised that the shape of a diamond can actually correspond

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ViraniGems.com Introduces Virani Gallery, a Revolutionary Way of Buying Diamond Jewellery

Viranigems -Diamond Jewellery Online

At Viranigems.com, our mission is to promote trust and transparency throughout jewellery purchasing process while helping our customers save up to 30% on diamond jewellery compared to other retailers. With a firm focus on quality and craftsmanship, we thrive to perfect every single step of our in-house manufacturing operations starting from rough diamonds procurement, diamond

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An Intricate Creation – The Various Aspects of a Diamond

It takes both art and innovation to bring a rough diamond to life and make it shine with the best fire, brilliance and scintillation. In my previous blogs about the 4C’s of Diamonds, I mentioned that the Cut of a diamond determines how well a polished diamond would sparkle due to internal light performance. In this

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Know Your Diamonds – The Fourth ‘C’ – “Carat Weight”

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

In my last blogs about the 4C’s of Diamonds, I talked about how diamonds are graded based on their  “Color”, “Clarity” and “Cut”. All 3C’s play a critical role in deciding a diamond’s value. The fourth “C”, the Carat Weight refers to the actual weight of a diamond. Most people link the Carat Weight to

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Know Your Diamonds – The Third ‘C’ – “Cut” – Part II

In my last blogs about the 4C’s of Diamonds, I talked about how diamonds are graded based on their “Color” and “Clarity”. In this blog, I will be going over how the third “C”, the Cut of a diamond is graded. There are two main elements that are taken into consideration when it comes to grading

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