Engagement Ring 101 – Getting Engaged Doesn’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

You’re finally doing it. You’ve decided to propose to your one true love. But wait! You don’t know the first thing about engagement rings. Where are the best places to buy diamond jewellery? Should you buy jewellery online? Do you really need a diamond? What if you don’t have a trusted jeweller? Do engagement rings


ViraniGems.com Introduces Virani Gallery, a Revolutionary Way of Buying Diamond Jewellery

Viranigems -Diamond Jewellery Online

At Viranigems.com, our mission is to promote trust and transparency throughout jewellery purchasing process while helping our customers save up to 30% on diamond jewellery compared to other retailers. With a firm focus on quality and craftsmanship, we thrive to perfect every single step of our in-house manufacturing operations starting from rough diamonds procurement, diamond


Know Your Diamonds – The Fourth ‘C’ – “Carat Weight”

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

In my last blogs about the 4C’s of Diamonds, I talked about how diamonds are graded based on their  “Color”, “Clarity” and “Cut”. All 3C’s play a critical role in deciding a diamond’s value. The fourth “C”, the Carat Weight refers to the actual weight of a diamond. Most people link the Carat Weight to


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