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Four Simple Ways to Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Sparkling

So he went down on his knees, opened that small velvet box, and with the brilliance of the solitaire on that ring, asked you to become his better half!

Don’t let the shine of that solitaire fade away with time. A little care and some timely attention would go a long way in ensuring that the sparkle of your love and the fire of emotions stay strong – both in your hearts and on your finger.

Here are a few simple ways to care for your precious diamond jewellery:
Keep it Away from Harm

Diamond Jewellery Sparkling

While diamonds are really, really tough to crack (they are the hardest substance known to man), but losing their sheen and shine is definitely possible. Even more so with a solitaire, as it is usually mounted with prongs high above the metal shank. It pays to be careful when working with everyday home cleaners, cooking oils, grease and such other household materials. Acids of any kind are to be avoided like the plague, as these can significantly corrode the gold / silver / platinum. It is wise to remove your precious diamond jewellery items and store them in a safe place prior to using any kind of soap or home cleaners. It is also advisable to remove your
diamond jewellery prior to going in a swimming pool.
Not to be Played with
Diamond Jewellery Sparkling

Twisting your sparkling solitaire ring around in your finger, using it to tap on a glass or metal desk, and such other activities are a definite no, no! If you are a fitness fanatic and do frequent weight training at the gym, you absolutely must keep your solitaire ring at home or keep it safe inside your locker before you start your workout. The heavy weights might scratch the metal, or in worst cases, loosen your solitaire and cause it to fall off.

Clean It Periodically
Diamond Jewellery Sparkling

There’s nothing like a good, mild bath to keep your solitaire ring sparkling like new. The fiery brilliance of the diamond is sure to be enhanced with period care of the setting and the diamond. While nothing beats a visit to your jeweller once or twice a year for routine maintenance, you can do a lot to take care of your ring at home. A solution of one-part ammonia in six parts of water would be an ideal bath for your ring. Keep it soaked for a half hour, and then brush it lightly with the softest possible brush. Lastly, wipe it down completely with a micro-fiber or soft silk cloth. Lo and behold! Your solitaire is as good as new again!

Never Fiddle with A Loose Solitaire
Diamond Jewellery Sparkling

If by any chance, your diamond has come loose in its setting, take off the ring and visit your jeweller at the earliest. Chances are one of its holding prongs has broken off or is eroded, causing the solitaire to become loose. Don’t ever try to repair it at home. You can be sure to lose your diamond. Only a jeweller, preferably the one who made the ring in the first place, can set it back accurately.

With just a few small precautions, you can enjoy the shine of your solitaire, and your partner’s love for a long, long time.

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