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Pendants Guide: Timeless Beauties that Adorn Your Neck.

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

Of all the jewelry in the world, the beauty and allure of a perfectly designed and crafted pendant, swinging around the beautiful neck of a lady is the stuff poetry is made of. Pendants find their origins among the very earliest of jewelry, right alongside rings and earrings. They are also the precursors to necklaces

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Earrings Setting Guide: The Rings that Adorn the Ears

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

The name “Earring” came into existence as a combination of the body part where it is worn and the original jewelry item that it was derived from – the ring. The ancient earrings were actually large sized thin rings with open ends. Interesting Trivia: The church officially banned piercing of ears and wearing earrings in

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Rings Setting Guide: The Settings that Carry the Stones – Part II

Viranigems - Diamond jewellery Online

Category: Jewelry Settings   In my last blog, Rings Setting Guide: The Settings that Carry the Stones, I talked aboutProng Setting, Tension Setting, Bezel Setting,Channel Setting,Halo Setting.In this blog, I will go over a few more intricate and exceptional jewelry setting types. Pave Setting: To achieve the paved look, tiny incisions are made in the metal

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Rings Setting Guide: The Settings that Carry the Stones

Category: Jewelry Settings Every piece of jewelry that is studded with diamonds or gemstones, whether it’s hand-made or crafted using advanced CNC machines, requires immense attention to detail when it comes to the Setting. The Setting not only determines the aesthetic appearance of the jewelry, but it also ensures that the studded stones do not

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Different Jewelry Types: From Rings, Earrings and Pendants to Nose Pins, Upper Arm Bracelets and Belly Button Rings

Viranigems- Diamond Jewellery Online

The infinite world of jewelry has hundreds of thousands of designs, across countless jewelry types. Even before humans learn to wear clothes, they have been wearing jewelry as a symbol of status, wealth, fashion and most recently as an expression of love and commitment. From simple rings (for both girls and guys) to elaborate necklaces,

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Jewelry Metal Guide: From Silver and Gold to Platinum

Viranigems - Diamond Jewellery Online

When we think of jewelry, the first image that comes to mind is a shimmering gold ring with a sparkling diamond or a classy gold necklace or earrings studded with precious stones or diamonds. Gold seems to be a prominent metal in all jewelry items across cultures and countries. However, not all jewelry items are

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Different Types of Jewelry: From the Bizarre to the Exotic

Viranigems-Diamond Jewellery online

From the beginning of time, jewelry has been a visible and vibrant part of almost every single human civilization across the globe. In fact, humans started wearing jewelry way before they started wearing clothes. From then until now, jewelry has been around in almost every culture, every country, and possibly, every religion. Although there have

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4C’s of Diamonds – The Third ‘C’: “Cut” – Part I

In my last two blogs about the 4C’s of Diamonds, I talked about how diamonds are graded based on their “Color” and “Clarity”. In this blog, I will be going over the third “C” of the diamond, The Cut. Both the Color and Clarity of a diamond are controlled by Mother Nature, but men have full

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