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Virani Diamonds


Similar to every single piece of Virani jewellery that has its own unique story to tell form the order placement stage to being fully certified, every single conflict free diamond that is studded in your precious Virani jewellery starts its journey at the very beginning as a rough stone at our in-house diamond cutting and polishing facility that has the lineage of 50 years of industry experience and expertise accumulated over three generations.

Compared to a rough diamond that take millions of years to form and come up to the surface of the earth, cutting and polishing a rough diamond typically takes up to a few weeks to a few months.

Step 1: Rough Diamond Assortment

The very first step after procuring a parcel of conflict free rough diamonds is assortment. Each individual diamond is carefully reviewed and sorted according to its shape, size, colour and clarity before it goes on to the planning department. After assortment, every single diamond is placed in an individual packet with a unique barcode which is scanned along every single process from rough to polish to keep track of the progress.

Step 2: Planning 

Each diamond is then analysed using the state of the art technology that maps all the inclusion inside as well as on the surface of the diamond. The goal here is to choose one or more highest valued polished diamonds by keeping in mind the 4Cs of diamonds: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. During this stage, the cutting planes, angles, heights, width and angles of every single facets are decided which would decide how the light will perform inside a diamond.

Step 3: Blocking and Bruting 

After a rough diamond is carefully planned, it is marked using an automated laser beam. The marked stones move on to the laser sawing department where a high powered laser beam cuts a big rough diamond into desired smaller pieces.


From there the diamond is sent to a blocker where the diamond gets is basic outer shape. Blocking is done using either a laser bruiting marine or mechanical auto blocking arms.

Step 4: Brillianteering

After the stone is blocked and gets its outer shape, it then goes to a brillianteer for final faceting. The cutter sets in a dop and gently paces it on a rotating wheel made of diamond power since only a diamond can cut and polish another diamond.


Facet after facet, the skilled polisher, brings the rough diamond to life. Since the diamond crystal heats up quickly due to friction, it can only stay on the wheel for so long

Step 5: Certification

Once polished, every single facet of each individual diamond is carefully revived by both a highly accurate laser scanner as well as by a trained gemmologist. Any diamond that doesn’t meet our strict quality control standards is sent back for re-polishing. The diamonds are then sent out to some of the most respected diamond grading laboratories worldwide such as GIA and IGI for certification before being studded in your precious Virani diamond jewellery.


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January 5, 2017